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5 Ways to Grow Your Pest Control Business In 2023

Sheri Bachman

Residential and commercial clients rely on pest control companies like yours to keep unwanted pests at bay, but how will you gain and retain their business in the coming year? We face an economy still impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic and continuously evolving consumer and employment atmospheres. According to Pest Management Professional, the hot topics in our industry for 2023 will include rising overhead, a labor shortage, and how to automate more office processes.

Growing your pest control business requires focusing on recurring revenue versus the one-time service. To do so, you need to maintain the customers you have while expanding. You will need a rock-solid business plan, and it starts in 2023 with the following steps.

#1: Get Organized

How often have you felt your business growth hindered by operational headaches, answering repeat questions, and explaining policies and procedures? There’s a way to get all systems and processes organized and primed for success. It’s called the Pest Control Business in a Box.

Don’t let the paperwork impede progress. Using the Business in a Box, you can streamline hiring and training processes, standard operating procedures, and policies and procedures.

Stop overworking to manage your business — grab the box that has everything you need.

#2: Must-Have Pest Control Business Apps

While the ongoing labor shortage will continue to present challenges, there are ways to automate previously manual tasks and increase efficiency while reducing overhead. Pest control business apps optimize efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase productivity. Two apps worthy of your attention include:

  • The Company App: Store important information in one app that allows you to measure and manage your team’s activities. Think of it as a productivity database that keeps sales, service, CSR, policies, procedures, SOPs, forms, and more in one easy-to-access place.
  • The Vehicle and Equipment App: Decrease overhead by managing all vehicles and equipment from a single app — an interactive inventory at your fingertips. Use it to hold employees responsible and accountable.

#3: The Million Dollar Climb

What if you’re already organized, automating, and still feeling overwhelmed? Then you need to try the Million Dollar Climb Quiz.

Lovingly referred to by participants as the Stairway to Freedom, the challenge will help you create a clear picture of where your business is today and which areas need to be focused on to grow. The 12-step program will help you unstick your business regardless of whether you’re working on your first, second, or next million-dollar milestone.

#4: Invest in Pest Control Business Coaching

Pest control business coaching may be the next step for those genuinely committed to growth. As a business coach and successful pest control business operator with 30+ years in the industry, I know firsthand how to go from burnout to growing a company faster and larger without being overworked. 

I work with select business owners to help them create growth, profitability, and sustainability. Since there is just one of me, and I passionately dedicate my time and experience to those I coach personally, my last tip for growing your business in 2023 is something everyone can access…

#5: Get in The Know

Growing your business is an ongoing mission. You will need an unhindered supply of the right knowledge coupled with the best tools to succeed.

Be sure to visit and subscribe to the Pest Control Business Tools Blog. Our 2023 mission is to bring you an expanding hub of knowledge and education, all geared toward successfully growing your company. We plan to cover everything from industry trends to the nitty-gritty ins and outs of achieving pest control business success. I hope to see you there.


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