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Recruit & train A+ team members that want to work for your growing pest control company.

Set New Hires
Up for Success

Stop Fumbling When You Recruit & Hire New Team Members

You have spent valuable time and money finding someone who is right for your team. termite, bedbug and wildlife issues.

Once they have excepted your offer what happens next?

The first week at your company can make or break a new team member’s future with you.

When you have a documented hiring process and a schedule for their first few weeks, you can be confident that you are setting new team members up for success!

You Can Easily Recruit, Hire & Retain Top Talent

Having a documented hiring manual will:
  • Provide ad copy, skills tests and interview questions so you can find your A+ team members.
  • Help determine the best candidates that fit your culture.
  • Make hiring and onboarding new team members easier.
  • Set clear expectations on how to hire new ream members across all departments.
  • Increase employee engagement and retention.
  • Give your department heads the confidence to add staff whenever needed.
  • Create consistency in hiring and onboarding processes.

Easily Hire & Onboard Your A+ Players

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Have documented recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes for each role in your company

Be sure you can recruit and hire your new A+ team members

You Want To Know What To Measure & Manage So That Your Business Grows

We Get It

Knowledge is Power

We believe it’s just plain wrong that you work a lot of hours and aren’t making the progress you want.

In our over 50 years as a pest control operator, we’ve learned that growth opportunities are more abundant when you aren’t worried about operational headaches.

That’s why we have designed Pest Control Business Tools -that we use to manage our own successful pest control company.

Stop overworking to manage your pest control business.

And instead, have the foundation of a healthy company with documented systems and processes in place. Our guides the better manage your pest control business systems range from processes for hiring for your pest control company to standard pest control operation procedures. Use our resources to structure your pest control company policies and stop overworking to run your company.

HR Tools

Have a process fore valuating candidates so you only hire the “right fit” for your growing pest control company!

Standard Operating Procedures

Have expected outcomes when your team follows proven SOPs for pest control companies.

Training Manual

Even the most seasoned team members need to know “the right way” (you know, YOUR way). Your training manual will ensure consistency with every activity.

Policies & Procedures

Set every team member up for success when you onboard them with your company’s Policies & Procedures.

Pest Control Business Tools To
Grow Your Pest Control Company


Documented systems and processes for hiring, training, selling, managing and more. Its one of most important aspects if a pest control company makes money.


Be confident and grow your pest control business the right way with one-on-one or group coaching to improve every aspect of a pest control company.


Apps & dashboards for mobile and desktop so that you know the health of your business

Learning Center


On demand learning for all the areas of your business.

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